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Hired Chris Palmer and Liz Moore from this firm to help me with my case. It was a very stressful and difficult situation but they were amazing and helped me through it while aggressively representing my best interest. They are smart, tough and extremely honest. They were always willing to talk to me and always responded in a timely manner. I was so happy I hired them and ended up with a great outcome in the end. They were worth every penny I spent. I would not hesitate to hire them again if I needed to.

– David S., ★★★★★ Review

Professional, courteous, knowledgeable and attentive throughout a long, contentious dissolution. Recommended highly for all family law matters.

– Elizabeth D., ★★★★★ Review

Christopher was very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. He is without a doubt the most competent, down to earth attorney I've ever talked to. He doesn't talk down to you and he is very well spoken. It's obvious he's would have powerful presence in a courtroom.

– Jamie, ★★★★★ Review

Chris went out of his way to help me throughout a horrific ordeal. Also, being visually challenged and not being able to drive, he made accomplishing a necessary paper trail much easier.

– Lois, ★★★★★ Review

My husband and I depended on Christopher Palmer and his staff to not only help us by representing us, we secretly needed a miracle. Chris worked diligently for us, he always was reachable and returned any messages, calls, or emails in less than 24 hours.

Chris kept us informed and up to date on procedures and the law (without it being over our heads). Chris is responsible, respectful, dependable, and clean - cut (yes that matters when he/she represents you). During the time of our case we spent months interacting with Chris and his staff and we felt like our case was their case, our needs were their needs and they addressed them accordingly. When you are dealing with family matters and court you need to know you can count on your attorney to not only follow though, but also have open lines of communication, Chris Palmer and his staff are impeccable in all areas.

Due to the time spent with them and the severity of our case, I believe my husband and I can honestly give a valuable and valid opinion about them. I hope that if someone is looking for a family attorney in the Clatsop County area and doesn't know who to choose, please let my review help you to make that decision. If you need a father and husband who is also an attorney who treat your case like it is his case, choose Chris Palmer. We feel very fortunate to have had his expertise and assistance and will be eternally grateful for the hard work and dedication he demonstrated. Chris was more than our attorney, he did more than just represent us... he made sure our family was made complete by the hours he spent preparing and by his choice to personally place our needs at the forefront of his agenda. We are extremely pleased and will be contacting his office and spreading the word when it comes to Family Law.

– Mrs. J., ★★★★★ Review

Chris Palmer is a great person. He does make every effort to do what is in the best interest for his clients. He is honest about representation. He will provide you options of what may and may not happen in a case. He wants to assure that you know and understand. He stresses on clarification so there are no confusion or misunderstanding. I had retained other counsel prior to Mr. Palmer and I never had the loyal treatment like him. He has stood by my side threw the process and continued afterwards. He will contact me, just to say hello!

– Ruben, ★★★★★ Review

From our first frantic call to our final billing they have provided us with extraordinary expertise and representation. Our Family Law case was critical and of the upmost importance to our entire family. Christopher Palmer and Liz Moore were there for us with their expertise, compassion and understanding. We were always informed and updated. Both Liz and Chris Palmer provided us clear and precise information with every meeting, call, email, procedure, cost, and anticipated time lines. We will always be grateful for your dedication which has allowed our family to continue to be safe and thrive!

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Review

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