Why Hiring an Oregon Divorce Lawyer Helps

It seems Oregon parents and spouses are trying to handle their own family law matters more than ever. Summary dissolution options make it easier to “do-it-yourself”. However, even when both sides agree the marriage is over, hiring an Oregon divorce lawyer still helps to make sure the process goes smoothly and reduces your chances of heading back to court.

This blog post will review the filing options available to Oregon residents seeking a divorce. It will discuss who can qualify for a summary dissolution. It will also explain why hiring an Oregon divorce lawyer helps, even in a low-conflict case.

Summary Dissolution Helps Oregon Couples Help Themselves

Every family law case is different. Some families have spent decades together, gathering up houses and property that need to be untangled by the court. In other cases, marriages can be short-lived. When families dissolve quickly and there isn’t much to fight over, Oregon law allows the parties to use a summary dissolution to simplify the process and allow them to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Not every family will qualify for a summary dissolution. You can only use the expedited process if you:

  • Are current Oregon resident (or your spouse is) and have been here for at least 6 months
  • Have not been married more than 10 years
  • Have no children under age 18 together (or age 20 if still in school)
  • Are not pregnant (or your wife is not pregnant)
  • Are not asking for or anticipating paying spousal support (alimony)
  • Don’t own any land, houses, or other real property
  • Have less than $30,000 in combined personal property (vehicles, furniture, bank accounts, retirement assets, etc.)
  • Have less than $15,000 of combined unpaid debts during your marriage
  • Don’t need any temporary orders
  • Haven’t been involved in another divorce or annulment proceeding for this marriage

An Oregon Divorce Lawyer Can Help with Summary Dissolution

The summary dissolution is generally reserved for the simplest of divorce. However, even if you qualify to use the summary dissolution process, it can still be a good idea to contact an experienced family law attorney before you file. An Oregon divorce lawyer can help make sure you will qualify and reduce the chances your paperwork will be rejected at court. If your spouse decides to respond or contest the divorce, an attorney can help you negotiate a settlement to distribute your assets and debts and keep you on track for a swift divorce.

Filing as Co-Petitioners Takes Conflict Out of the Divorce Process

Divorce doesn’t always have to be a long, drawn out process. Sometimes, both spouses know a divorce is the best option. Even if your family doesn’t qualify for a summary dissolution, you and your spouse can choose to file for an uncontested divorce as co-petitioners. This can remove some conflict from the divorce process and help you move toward a peaceful resolution to your child custody, parenting time, spousal support, and property concerns.

An Oregon Divorce Lawyer Can Help Co-Petitioners Finish Their Divorce Quickly

There is no minimum waiting period for an Oregon divorce action. If you and your spouse agree on all the issues, your divorce may be finalized in a matter of weeks. The best way to speed your dissolution on its way is to sit down with an experienced divorce attorney before filing your petition. A knowledgeable Oregon divorce lawyer can you and your co-petitioner spouse work out the details of your parenting plan and property distribution. A lawyer can also put together all the required documents, reducing the questions you’ll have to face from the court.

Hiring an Oregon Divorce Lawyer Now Avoids Going Back to Court Later

One of the best reasons to talk to an Oregon divorce lawyer early in the process is to come to a resolution that will work in the long run. An experienced family law attorney knows what works, and what can cause problems with banks, retirement account administrators, and schools down the road. An Oregon divorce lawyer knows what details to include in your parenting plan, and how to build in strategies to reduce conflict in making custody decisions. Working with a lawyer to craft your dissolution of marriage documents can help you anticipate and resolve problems before they happen. That will reduce the chance that you’ll have to return to court to clarify or enforce the order later on.

At Coast Family Law, we are happy to provide divorce coaching to individuals hoping to “do-it-themselves.” We know how a little help early on can save families time, money, and hassle down the road. We will help you consider your circumstances and prepare the paperwork so that your summary dissolution or co-petition runs smoothly. We invite you to contact us at (503) 739-7616 or using our online contact form to schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney.