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I am a granddaughter of divorced grandparents, a daughter of divorced parents, and I have been divorced. My parents divorced when I was 12 years old, leaving my two brothers and I with our mother. My brothers and I endured a lot of hard times through the years that our parents were married, and after the separation. When I was in my early 20’s I got divorced from my kids’ dad whom I was with for seven years. We have three beautiful children together, Jacob, Luke and Tymber Ann. Although our marriage did not work, we remain professional during exchanges, keeping our conversations based on the children.

I have lived in Oregon practically my whole life, moving away for short bursts of time but always coming back to “home.” I met the man whom is now my husband in 2018 and I could not ask for a better stepdad for my children. Though my kids have a father (and now stepmom) I feel it is very important that my kids get as much love as they require (which is a lot) from both sides/homes. Co-parenting isn’t always easy (at times its harder than when we were actually married!) but we do it for the children and that’s what matters. There is always hope.

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